Spring Summer work

May 13, 2015 | Constructing, Design, Planning, Spring, Summer

All busy on the garden front!

The best thing about spring  summer work is starting bright and early; getting the most from a hectic day of planning, designing and construcing each garden.

When you love your job your creative vision never switches off; I will look at a garden or indeed a building and think “I know what would look fantastic there”. However it could well be at midnight or 3am!

Spring Summer work - all busy on the garden front at Anderson Norman Landscapes

Some exciting new projects are coming up with lots of meetings and throwing around of ideas. Keeping things new and fresh is important to us. I really like to engage with our clients, getting to know them to understand their needs. Then we can offer a garden of interest that will still be wonderful in years to come.

Business is moving fast, clients are delighted and this makes the team and I very happy indeed!

Want some creative input in your garden?